We're very proud of the service we provide for our customers. In fact, we see a client relationship much more personal than that of most our competitors. Our availability to clients does not start at 9:00 AM and end at 6:00 PM weekdays. We are there for them continually, to provide the quality service they deserve. Many of our relationships have lasted for years.

One of our customers shared with us that by eliminating just one vehicle a day by using our software to optimize their schedule, they added $50K to their bottom line. How did they do it? Here are 2 scenarios:

Eliminating 1 vehicle from the road a day and assuming approximate cost to operate is $100/day (driver compensation, operating cost of vehicle, insurance and depreciation) times 5 days equals $500/week. Times 50 weeks in a year equals $25,000!

Eliminating 1 vehicle from the road a day and assuming approximate cost to operate is $200/day (driver compensation, operating cost of vehicle, insurance and depreciation) times 5 days equals $1000/week. Times 50 weeks in a year equals $50,000!

Steve Smith
Owner / MediRoutes
"MediRoutes offered us a solution for all our transportation needs and has exceeded all of our expectations.  Before MediRoutes, we were buried in paperwork; overwhelmed with day to day tasks such as scheduling, dispatching, billing, reporting, etc. and we spent countless hours and weekends trying to manage it all. I have never worked with a more professional team of people who take pride in their product and each customer needs. Since we have started using this system, we have seen the change almost instantly. This system has been and is the answer to all our our needs.  MediRoutes is a state of the art, hands down the best on the market…I love this product, No matter the problem we had…Mediroutes has had the solution - this is the best investment we ever made !"
Mar’sai Reed
GWB Transporation
"This software has become a better way to run this business...We looked, and no other automated system was such a perfect fit for this kind of business."
Jeff Say
Phoenix EI Transportation
"As a responsible organization, we want to play a positive role in saving the environment by destroying less trees, and adopting more efficient business workflows. There is plenty we could do in this regard, however we decided to leverage technology tools to get us there.  We decided to tackle our trip management process. Preparing our driver’s manifest was a production and had more waste than anything else. It involved: trip selection, assignment and routing, formatting, printing and closing the loop by tracking trip actual times. We had an elaborate design that produced a 3 – 4 page manifest for each route. Something had to be done to automate this process. Rolling-out MediRoutes, a scheduling and dispatching application by Schedule Viewer gave us an elegant solution to our wasteful process. This application helped us reduce the driver’s manifest to one page, and also offered us the benefit of online tracking and reporting. Using their smart-phones, our drivers now use a native Android app to report trip progress and communicate status in real-time. In addition, the online scheduling and dispatching console gave us the ability to make schedule changes on-the-fly and communicate with drivers more efficiently."
"Our average AR aging was reduced from over 45 days to less than 21 days through creating faster and better documented billing, using the application’s software. Instead of taking 30 days from the time of service using a paper system, we are able to properly invoice clients the next day."
CEO Founder
"It does save me a lot of time for scheduling and helps a lot for dispatching both my NEMT vehicles and taxi cabs."
Roadrunner Taxi LLC
CEO Founder
MediRoutes – 3 things
  1. The software is very easy, efficient and practical for my staff users
  2. They are always developing improvements for the software
  3. They always respond quickly when I have technical difficulties.
Saif Mujahideen
Lone Star Medical Transportation
"The support staff is great! Training was informative, thorough and accomplished within an hours’ time. The software has a great user interface and is very intuitive. What’s really nice is their ability to respond to our needs—specifically we have submitted a number of enhancements requests that either got incorporated into the application, with minimal turn-around time, or an alternative solution was suggested."
William A. Dean III
BTD Transportation, LLC