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Real-Time Dispatching & Scheduling

The day-to-day operations of a NEMT business can be stressful...

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The day-to-day operations of a NEMT business can be stressful.

The customer-base consists of people with special needs, and there can be constant schedule changes with cancellations and trip add-ons, as well as unforeseen traffic and vehicle issues. The dispatch function of Schedule Viewer aids in settling this sometimes chaotic situation by providing total fleet visibility and real-time fleet communication.

Fleet Visibility

The dispatch screen and the driver’s mobile application work in concert to provide real-time GPS positions and heading information. This is not simply “a dot on the map.” The dispatcher sees the schedule as it is performed. Arrive and perform times are instantly seen along with proximity information regarding those pickup and drop-off events. Special “No-Show/Cancel-At-Door”, Add on and Will Call work-flow allows the dispatcher to work with the driver to manage each of the situations ensuring that all passengers receive the quality of transportation they deserve.

Fleet Communication

Two-way communication between dispatch and the fleet is provided with the use of canned and on-the-fly messages. Messages from the driver are confirmed on the dispatch screen as they come in. Messages from the driver can be associated with particular events (pickup or drop-off), providing additional insight.