MediRoutes Web Application

The MediRoutes web application has many new features that integrate seamlessly with MediRoutes for iOS & Android.

The MediRoutes web application was designed to integrate seamlessly with the MediRoutes mobile application. It boasts many new features like Driver Inspections, Timekeeping, Driver Insights and robust reporting. The freshly designed interface has many advantages as well, such as the ability to access this information on any web browser or computer. The content is presented responsively so you can even access this information on the go - from a mobile device.

MediRoutes Web Application Features

Vehicle Inspections

With vehicle inspections, dispatchers can create surveys for their drivers to fill out while performing their trips for the day. The inspections are created within the MediRoutes web application but will show up on the drivers mobile application. Dispatchers can name their inspections and questions in any way they choose. The types of questions that can be created are as follows: Yes / No, Multiple Choice, Fill In the Blank

When a driver completes an inspection dispatchers will be able to run an Inspection Report within the MediRoutes web application to see their drivers answers. This insures that your NEMT fleet is always following your companies rules and regulations and provides greater accountability for your drivers.


Timekeeping incorporates typical time clock features into the daily workflow of drivers, eliminating the need to punch a clock at an office or base location. As part of the daily workflow, the driver will begin and end their shift right on their mobile device. At the end of the day, the system will confirm shift hours for the driver. Information is displayed in the MediRoutes Desktop application for managers, as well as in a web-based reporting site, which will display both a summary and detailed data, such as shift hours and breaks.

Driver Insights

Now you can easily assess the driving habits of your drivers in real-time using the new Driver Insights feature. This new tool allows you to see when a driver speeds, uses their phone, hard-brakes, turns or accelerates too quickly. You are able to view a summary of each driver as they receive a score per trip that factors into their overall score average - letting you know which drivers might have dangerous driving habits and allowing you to address them proactively. Using this data, you may be eligible for a discount on your commercial auto insurance.


The MediRoutes web applications boasts comprehensive reporting for your Timekeeping and Driver Inspections. You'll be able to run reports for any date range and get detailed information for that period. Inspections reports will show you which drivers passed their inspections and which ones failed. Timekeeping reports provide comprehensive breakdowns on your employee's hours and also give dispatchers a way to correct invalid information - such as a driver who may have forgotten to finish their shift.

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