Gain valuable insight into your fleet's driving behaviors.

Did you know that 20% of drivers cause 80% of accidents?

Now you can easily assess the driving habits of your drivers in real-time using the new Driver Insights feature. This new tool allows you to see when a driver speeds, uses their phone, hard-brakes, turns or accelerates too quickly. You are able to view a summary of each driver as they receive a score per trip that factors into their overall score average - letting you know which drivers might have dangerous driving habits and allowing you to address them proactively. Using this data, you may be eligible for a discount on your commercial auto insurance.

How Does It Work?

We use the sensors on your drivers’ smartphones to track when your drivers use their phone, hard-brakes, turns or accelerates too quickly. We then compare that data to over 180 billion miles of analyzed data to measure and improve driving behavior. Our tools can detect collisions, predict risk, provide an opportunity to improve fuel efficiency, and more. Best of all, these features are built right into the MediRoutes platform.


Data Capture

We use smartphone sensors to measure driving behavior, including detecting collisions, risky phone use, aggressive driving, distracted driving, and more.

Pattern Analysis

With over 180 billion miles analyzed, complex machine-learning algorithms know how to turn sensor data into actionable insights about driving behavior, including when and how safely they’re driving.

Real-Time Reporting

View and monitor your drivers' behavior using the MediRoutes web application shown above. View breakdowns by driver, trip and more.

Reduce Costs

By using Driver Insights through MediRoutes, your fleet may be eligible for lower insurance rates using this data for performance priced commercial auto insurance.