Now Hiring for Software Engineer

As a full stack software developer, working with xamarin mobile software development, the candidate’s specific job duties include:

  • Deploying to ios app store and android google play store native ios and native android development for use cases that require native os
  • Access incorporating “signal r” location services (enabling, disabling, security requirements) intents, background services, polling
  • Services, memory management (tracking down memory leaks) asynchronous programming xamarin ui tests

Other general job-related duties:

  • Mentor other developers, complete peer reviews; help them implement best coding practices and remove impediments
  • Write stable and scalable software with unit tests and integration tests
  • Optimize existing code to ensure best possible performance, quality and responsiveness of applications
  • Lead development of ios and android driver mobile application project (using xamarin)
  • Xamarin forms ui develop
  • Create build & deployment pipelines
  • Create & maintain mac build server

Job Requirements:

Develop mobile applications on xamarin forms. Develop server backends on .net core.

Required experience / expertise or specific skills:

  • Required 24 months of experience
  • Master’s degree in computer science or related field
  • Full stack .net core developer
  • Mobile development
  • Xamarin forms, & xamarin.ios
  • Signal r
  • Web api, mvc
  • Wcf
  • Soap and rest
  • Sql server (linq sql, entity framework)
  • Twilio
  • Microservices
  • 3-tier architecture
  • Ms tests for unit tests & integration tests
  • Deployments to apple app store & google play store
  • Azure devops

Additionally, the candidate should be familiar with source control, git or other javascript / typescript technologies such as:

  • Aurelia / angular 2
  • Npm
  • Html/css
  • Node
  • Geographic information systems/mapping interfaces
  • Azure
  • Wpf

Specific skills required:

  • Es6, microsoft azure, xamarin, cordova, javascript, sql, c#, node.js, dotnet core, asp. Net, sql server, logistics, mapping, wpf, geographic
  • Information system (gis), mvc, html/css/javascript, angularjs, typescript, web api, twilio, linq to sql


  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • PTO + Sick Time
  • 401k with employer contribution

How to Contact:


  • Public city buses have stops within .5 mile of the Main Address


  • Due to the ongoing pandemic, remote work is available for Phoenix, AZ metro area residents
  • Company reserves the right to require employee in office daily, but typically is once a week