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Data Integration

The MediRoutes data API allows for easy, secure access to trip information.

With the MediRoutes API you can insert and pull trip information securely.

The MediRoutes API is perfect for organizations who need to access data in batches. This information is accessible for reporting or for use in your own applications. Your organizations' developers can easily add trip information by using the POST method. This gives your company greater flexibility to work with data in MediRoutes. The API features the ability to:


Review a list of API-accessible transportation providers and associated funding sources.

Riders / Patients

  • Get a rider by the rider id
  • Delete a rider
  • Get all the riders for a transportation provider
  • Create a rider
  • Update a rider

Rides / Trips

  • Get a list of trips by date
  • Cancel a trip
  • View trip attributes
  • Update a will call trip
  • Insert a list of trips
  • Insert a single trip
  • View trip IDs by funding source and a date range
  • View trip status by the ID