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Billing & Reporting

MediRoutes makes billing & reporting easy so that your business can focus on what matters most.

Running an NEMT business comes with many challenges. Managing billing and reporting should not be one of them.

This is where MediRoutes scheduling and billing comes in handy - With the MediRoutes mobile application, drivers can capture patient signatures at the end of each trip, proving that a ride was provided. This information is stored in the MediRoutes desktop application, so signatures can be easily shared with brokers and payors, facilitating faster payments.

With MediRoutes reporting, you can easily see all the trips that were performed during any period of time. This takes the hassle out of pen and paper methods and ensures that every trip is billed correctly.


Billing & Reporting

MediRoutes works with many large players in the NEMT industry. Chances are, MediRoutes has billing integrations for the brokers and vendors your company works with. These integrations enable your business to spend less time worrying about paperwork and more time collecting payments. While billing may be the most important part of any business - it all starts with accurate, comprehensive reporting. View a list of existing reports and broker billing formats below:


On-Time Performance Report

Timeliness is key to success in the NEMT industry. This report takes the guess work out of on-time performance metrics.  View which drivers are arriving for pickups on-time and which ones are late.

Time Keeping Report

Some transport providers require their drivers to clock in at the beginning and end of each day. Within the MediRoutes Mobile application, drivers can easily punch in and out for a shift as well as manage mid-day shift breaks. This report provides an accurate record of the hours employees work each day.

GPS Report

This report allows dispatchers to select a date and time range to obtain information about driver's GPS coordinates and associated timestamps. The report contains information about the speed, address, direction, latitude and longitude of a particular driver or vehicle. 

Driver Report

This report provides complete statistics on every aspect of a drivers day. View driver name, vehicle, odometer miles, billable miles, payable miles, payable hours, total trips, no-shows and much more.

Unperformed Runs Report

View unperformed trips and runs for a selected date range. See which drivers cancelled trips and why.

Billing Report

This report can be configured to match broker and payor requirements.  Available fields: funding source, insurance ID, date, run name, pickup address, drop-off address, number of passengers, miles driven, rate, trip ID and client code. Plus much more! 

Smart Phone Messages Report

The smartphone messages report ensures accurate communication between dispatch and driver by displaying any message sent between a particular date-range. Easily view the message sender, time and date of message, and which trip the message is associated with.

Supported Data Integrations & File Formats

  • 837 EDI
  • LogistiCare
  • HICF 1500 Form
  • 295 & 296
  • Access2Care
  • MTM
  • Southeastrans
  • Custom CSV
  • ZOLL
  • SyMed

Plus many more! Contact us today to learn more.